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World Handicap System & Slope Rating

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Understanding Course & Slope Rating™

The Course Rating™ system forms the foundation for the Rules of Handicapping. The system enables handicaps to be portable by adjusting a player’s handicap according to the relative difficulty of the golf course being played.

Course Rating

The Course Rating is an indication of the difficulty of a golf course for the scratch player under normal course and weather conditions

Slope Rating

A Slope Rating™ is the number which indicates the relative playing difficulty of a course for bogey golfers, compared to scratch golfers.

It is the combination of the Course Rating™ and the Bogey Rating™ that allow us to calculate the Slope Rating™ of a set of tees.

Details of these ratings for courses across Scotland are available on the Scottish Golf Website and App for a Course Rating™ database lookup.

Calculating Your Handicap Index® Under WHS™

One of the most common questions golfers will ask each other is, “What is your handicap?”

Under WHS™, the way in which a handicap is calculated will change slightly, and golfers will receive a new Handicap Index®.

A Handicap Index® is designed to represent your demonstrated ability. It is calculated by averaging the best 8 score differentials out of the most recent 20 within your scoring record. Can be made up of both competition and general play scores.

If your record does not have 20 scores on it already, a modified calculation will be carried out to provide you with a Handicap Index®.  The below table highlights how this will be done: 

A Handicap Index® will be the measure of a player’s demonstrated ability calculated against the Slope Rating™ of a golf course of standard playing difficulty (that is, a course with a Slope Rating™ of 113).

Your Handicap Index® provides you with a portable measure of your demonstrated playing ability that is consistent with how all other golfers will be measured around the world. It can be used to track your progress and to play in a casual or a competitive round with any other player from course to course and country to country.

(Source: Scottish Golf)

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